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Fix the source not the symptoms

Dr. Henry has worked on these conventional hospitals several years and has realized over time that patients did not improve but became worse and often had terrible side effects of the treatments.

When his father got blood cancer (leukaemia) and died in the hospital where he worked, he decided then to seek the solution of cancer through alternative and natural ways.

After years of private research and presentation of tests in laboratories, he decided at last to go more and more to alternative and natural ways to tackle these so-called "incurable" diseases. He understood that most diseases are caused by pathogens that should not exist in the human body. Pathogens include bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, yeast, etc…

Dr Henry has several years of expertise in treatment of so called incurable diseases like cancer, diabetes type II, alzheimer, Parkinson etc…He has also wide knowledge in antiaging and know how to stop the destruction of the cells and how to stop the aging process in the body. His skill and knowledges in alternative medicine for to tackle the different diseases are very wide and unique in the world. He mostly is using unconventional methods for to cure the diseases. His main focus is on the cause of the diseases than on the symptoms. He not only is focusing on the cause of the diseases but also on the spirituality and the whole spectrum of the person behind the cause. In his hands he has his own invented products, knowledges from South Americas Amazona rain forest, knowledges of different herbs from western countries and knowledges in different important vitamins and minerals for the body and in ancient genuine technologies. His testimonies and reputation are growing for every day.

He invented three key products, Anviradon, Anpathadon and Hypothodon, which he together with food supplements or other products frequently uses to help patients suffering from these so called "incurable" diseases. Anviradon stands for Anti-Virus and Anpathadon stands for Anti-Pathogen.

Dr. Henry's widely knowledge in alternative health is very special and unique and he has successfully helped many people through the years. Just read through his testimonies and you will understand.

Dr. Henry not only treats the symptoms but he mainly focuses on the underlying causes of diseases and in that way he can better help the patients suffering from these "incurable" diseases. He believes that most illnesses can be helped if you have the right knowledge. He says that right knowledge and the right protocol with good discipline are the keys to health. He says that if you understand the cause of your illness, you can also easily remove the cause and then the symptoms will go away with time. He believes that our amazing body has the ability to heal itself only if you help it along.

Dr. Henry has no interest in making big noise about himself, but he prefers to help the people he comes in contact with all around him. His reputation as the 'miracle doctor' is growing for every year. He says that there are no miracles, but everything is about science and ignorance. What you today call miracles is science tomorrow, he says often.

Dr. Henry is a graduate of the medical school in Paris (France). He then was outstanding in his early career as an oncologist. But while treating thousands of cancer patients, he came to understand that the cancer treatment system in the world, left much to be desired. He then left his practice of conventional oncology, and began studying suppressed healing therapies, especially anti-cancer therapies, and mind-body healing.

Dr. Henry has of course encountered enemies over the years, especially within his own medical corps or from people who clutched firmly grip on just the conventional treatments only, but he continues to further assist and lead tirelessly many who wish to get help from his wide knowledge in alternative therapy.

Dr. Henry believes to have health is freedom and if you have no health you will also lose your freedom. Are you sick, you are often dependent on others and you cannot move freely. If you fall ill, you will be forced to stop to walk in your life and often you have to also suffer through the pains and dependent on medications. Most people today live in a stressful and polluted environment where man himself is distancing itself more and more from nature, and it's not surprising that many people become ill at last.

Dr. Henry has not only incredible knowledge in alternative health therapy, but he also has knowledge of how to stop the aging.

Once you have decided that you want back your health and freedoms, and when you realize that the conventional treatment method probably will not help you, and you are ready and open to alternative natural therapies, so do not hesitate to get in touch with Dr Henry. He will help you regain your health and freedom. Be sure about that.

Contact him and you will never regret it.

It can be difficult to get in touch with him because he is often very busy with all his patients but stand on you and have little patience and be sure he will respond sooner or later.

Health is important today and health will becomes more important in the future.

It's time to take back your health and freedom, says Dr Henry.

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