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Infections caused by microorganisms are the second leading cause of death worldwide. Despite revolutionary medical advances, the death toll attributed to many microorganisms has not significantly decreased. The issue of combating this problem has been at the top of many governmental agendas for a number of years, with billions of dollars being allocated for the purpose of researching and discovering methods to overcome these natural or human –caused epidemics. To further augment this crisis, worldwide terrorists are now placing biological agents on their list of weapons. Water Purification Solution (WPS) has an exciting proprietary biological, organic formula that kills or deactivates harmful microorganisms.


The application of the science involved in the development of this product has far reaching implications for the advancement of bio-medical science and protection of the environment of the earth.

Water Purification Solution, “WPS”

aka: Absolute Solution, Absolut Water
The product is called Water Purification Solution or “WPS” and it is unique in that it maintains its bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity for 14 days even when re-challenged every day. Chloride and bromide-based water purifying agents for instance are such that the effect is transient, whereas “WPS” appears to exert a persistent bactericidal action.

This product is an exceptional water purification compound that has a profound, rapid and persistent bacteriostatic effect. It is biocidal and can purify contaminated water within as little as 15 seconds from application.

Independent tests indicate that “WPS” is effective even in raw sewage and other highly contaminated environments. “WPS” remains active in fetal bovine serum, which generally neutralizes other anti-microbial agents. “WPS” far exceeds the current pharmaceutical agents used to combat virus, parasites, fungus and the “super bacteria” created from the overuse of many antibiotics.

Water Purification Solution has been shown to be effective against harmful microorganisms but does not affect the beneficial bacteria necessary in the digestive tract of humans or those necessary in healthy soils for agriculture. It is effective against the bacteria in the mouth responsible for plaque build up and cavities.

“WPS” is an aqueous extract in glycerin made from plant sources, which fall under the United States FDA GRAS list (Generally Regarded As Safe to consume). The ingredients of the formula are readily available, economical to produce and very competitive in cost when compared to current commercial treatment solutions. The formula is versatile and can be produced in liquid, powder, cake or tablet as well as in a gaseous state depending on the customer’s needs.


Water Purification Solution has the versatility to act as an incredibly powerful purifying agent in many different situations and has worldwide applications. Based on testing done to date, we have been advised that “WPS” is a far more effective treatment than the chemicals presently being used to treat:

1.A. Domestic Water Supplies…the natural, organic alternative to chlorine and bromide

1.B. Hospital Sterilization/Laundry… Staphylococcus infections may be the single biggest problem facing hospitals. “WPS” kills it dead!

1.C. Water Resources…. Environmental clean up of the world’s polluted streams, and lakes and to provide safe potable water from contaminated sources.

1.D. Swimming Pools/Hot Tubs… One treatment lasts the summer and no chlorine side affects. “WPS” is not affected by heat in Hot Tubs.

1.E. Food Factory Work Surfaces

1.F. everage Industry ….For brewing and cleaning out of vats.

1.G. Food Preparation and Washing…particularly salad materials to prevent bacterial spoilage and eliminate Lysteria in products like coleslaw etc.

1.H. Water Cooling Systems…to prevent the growth of Legionella and other organisms without the corrosion problems normally associated with the usual sterilizing chemicals.

1.Sewage Treatment

1.J. Other Surfactants/Disinfectants


Based upon the testing completed thus far, the product’s effectiveness against “indicator” microorganisms suggest that future testing will show it could be effective against diseases such as SARS, Viral Pneumonia, Influenza, Hepatitis, Malaria, HIV and many other known harmful microorganisms.


Dr Henry will identify the largest and most successful companies within each of the applications listed above. He will then either sell the formula or license the manufacturing and marketing rights, on an exclusive basis, within a specific geographical location for each unique application both domestically and worldwide. It is his strategy to change those competitors, who are using antiquated chemical formulas, into customers using new, modern biotechnology that is environmentally safe.

When he licenses, he will provide a list of all ingredients to the licensee except the formula for the active ingredients or Enzymatic Key. He will control and manufacture only this one key element of the product. Based on our additive size and quantity he expect his overhead requirements to be minimal. He anticipate that he will license the marketing rights or sell the formula for all of the applications worldwide within 2-4 years and that the sales potential could be worth billions of dollars.


The world is using chemicals that are becoming outdated and ineffective. “Super Bugs” are mutating. It is his goal to replace these chemicals with an organic biological product that is in harmony with nature and the environment. He believes that his competitors will become his customers.


Berridges Environmental Laboratories Ltd., Chelmsford, Essex did substantive independent testing in 1989 Berridges tested “Absolut Water” in distilled water, river water and sewage effluent. They found that “Absolut Water” effectively killed or neutralized bacteria, virus, fungus, yeast and parasites including:

Streptococci faecalis
Salmonella enteritidis
Shigella flexneril
Staphylococcus aureus
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Lissteria monocytogenes
Legionella pheumophila
Faecal strep.

Time            River Water        River Water              Final Sewage                 Final Sewage


                    + treatment              no treatment             +treatment              no treatment

Initial             3.6 x 104                 3.6 x 104                     6.7 x 104              6.7 x 105


5 min.                0                      3.6 x 104                                   0                      6.3 x 105

30 min.              0                      2.9 x 104                                   0                      6.2 x 105

60 min.              0                      3.1 x 104                                   0                      6.3 x 105

Berridges reported that:

“…(The formula) maintained its bacteriostatic and bacteriocidal activity for 14 days when re-challenged every day. The chlorine-based water purification tablet had no persistence to its anti-microbial action.”

“…(The formula) maintained its bacteriocidal effect against the fresh challenge of viable E. coli. The chlorine-based tablet failed to eradicate the challenge dose allowing 51% of inocular to survive after 8 hours exposure. The nature of a chlorine-based water purifying agent is such that the effect is transient, whereas Absolute appears to exert a persistent bacteriocidal action.”


Since the Berridges Laboratory Test, a series of empirical experimental improvements to the formula has been conducted. The “kill” time has been reduced for both vegetative and spore forms of enteric bacteria. The kinetic effectiveness of the original formula has been improved and the modified original formulation has increased microcidal activity. In addition, there has been an increase in stability and regenerative properties for “WPS”.

In 2002, Dr. Charles P. Gerba, at the University of Arizona in Tucson performed an independent evaluation of both Berridges original report and Bioworld International KB’s reported increased effectiveness of the improved formulation. Dr. Gerba is Professor of Environmental Microbiology, Departments of Microbiology and Immunology, and Soil, Water and Environmental Science, University of Arizona.

Dr. Gerba has authored more than 400 articles including several textbooks in environmental microbiology and pollution science. He actively conducts research on the development of new disinfectants and drinking water treatment processes, new methods for the detection of waterborne pathogens, occurrence and fate of pathogens in the environment and microbial risk assessment. He was a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Committee on the development of the "Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers", which forms the basis for testing the performance of water treatment devices used for outdoor recreation. He is a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Science Advisory Board Committees on Drinking Water and Research Strategies. He is a member of the American Academy of Microbiology.

Dr. Gerba and associates prescribed Indicator organisms they believed would give the broadest test base of the effectiveness of the new formulation. The test organisms included Escherichia coli, bacteriophage (bacterial virus) MS-2, and bacteriophage PRD-1. The new formulation shows a dramatic rate increase over the original formula. The test results indicated that the new formulation had a much faster killing effect than the original formulation evaluated by Berridges. In addition to its effect on E coli, the new formulation also proved effective against both bacteriophages that were selected as indicator pathogens for potential effect against DNA viruses.

Dr Gerba tested 2 ml of “WPS” identified in the reported test results as “Substance A,” diluted in one liter of water. The results are detailed as follows:

Time (min)    Light Contamination        Trial #1             Trial #2

         E-coli Control                    w/ “WPS”         w/ “WPS”

         No Treatment           


0                   3.65 X 106                               3.65 X106            3.65 X 106

30                 3.00 X 106                                     <50                   <50

60                 1.41 X 106                                     <50                   <50

120               1.86 X 106                                     <50                   <50

Time (min)    Heavy Contamination       Trial #1           Trial #2

         E-coli Control                 w/ “WPS”         w/ “WPS”

                     No Treatment           


0                   8.65 X 107                       8.65 X 107         8.65 X 107

30                 8.00 X 107                                     < 50                   < 50

60                 9.00 X 107                                     < 50                   < 50

To show how fast “Water Purification Solution” works, additional trials were done to indicate the time frame in which “WPS” can be effective. Escherichia coli was used to determine the improvement.

Test                  Control No.              Trial #1

(Min)             No Treatment           With “WPS” Treatment


0                   9.76 X 106                     9.76 X 106

5                                                         < 50

10                                                       < 50

15                 7.49 X 106                            < 50

20                                                       < 50

25                                                       < 50

30                 8.10 X 106                            < 50

Dr. Gerba tested against MS-2 Bacterial Virus with 2 ml of “WPS” added to one liter of tap water. The number represents the amount of MS-2 added to the liter of water and the results of “WPS” in reducing this pathogen.

Test               Control No.              Trial #1             Trial #2 More Virus Added

(Min)          No Treatment         with “WPS”      “WPS” still at the 2ml per liter                                                                                 


0                     10,000                         10,000                          15,000

60                   10,000                         <5,000                          <5,000

180                 10,000                         <5,000                          <5,000

300                 10,000                         <5,000                          <5,000 

In addition, tests by Dr. Gerba and associates indicated that Water Purification Solution “could eliminate almost 7 logs (99.9999% reduction) of E. coli within five minutes.”

Also indicated in this latest study was that “WPS” also “appears effective in fetal calf sera against E.coli which means it may have application to the preservation or treatment of sera” contaminated by enteric microbes.


Each product developed by Dr Henry is a proprietary, biocatalytic enzyme system that contains its own unique combination of enzymes called an “Enzymatic Key.” This form of biotechnology relies on all natural sources and does not include any chemicals or artificial substances and is biodegradable.

Water Purification Solution has built in security mechanisms within the formula itself. It is not possible for engineers to discover how our formula is made because the safety mechanisms are built in within the nano level of differences. Additionally, some of the many enzymes are cosmetic only. Because of these protections, our attorneys have advised that we should not patent our formula and that “Trade Secrets” is the proper method of protection.

International Water facts, figures and statistics

(Source: United Nations Environment Programme, GE-Global Environment Outlook 3)

1.1 billion

The estimated number of people worldwide who lack access to clean drinking water.

About 80

The number of countries that had experienced serious water shortages by mid 1990s. This makes up about 40 per cent of the world’s population.


The proportion of the global population who live in countries with moderate-to-high water stress. Water stress occurs when water consumption exceeds 10 per cent of renewable freshwater resources.


The proportion of the global population that is expected to be living in water stressed conditions in less than 25 years.

40% The increase in global water use expected by 2020.

$30 billion

The projected cost per year of bringing poor people universal access to water by 2015. (World Summit on Sustainable Development/EU Water for Life)

2.2 Million

The number of people, mostly children, who die each year from water related diseases.

Water Purification Solution (WPS) is the next generation of super disinfectants. It is the only all-natural, biological, environmentally friendly product that can help clean up the world's lakes and streams. It will also dramatically improve domestic water supplies. It may also hold the key to solving many of the world’s modern medical problems.


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