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Millions of people regularly experience mild inflammation of the joints and muscles, with accompanying aches and pains, from the many forms of arthritis, aging or physical stress of daily living. The proper nutrients can assist the natural body functions that help with pain and inflammation reduction and joint repair, while promoting healthy joint function. Dr Henry's LINIMENT provides nutritional support for anyone concerned with the optional function of joint, tendon and ligament health. The LINIMENT is NOT a topical analgesic but actually penetrates tissue to help repair damaged joints, muscles and tendons and provide relief to afflicted areas

The Liniment has built in security mechanisms within the formula itself. It is not possible for engineers to discover how the formula is made because the safety mechanisms are built in within the nano level of differences. Additionally, some of the many enzymes are cosmetic only. Because of these protections, the attorneys have advised that Dr henry should not patent his formula and that “Trade Secrets” is the proper method of protection. Over 30 years of development and field research have proven the efficacy and safety of products in numerous applications.
"Arthritis/Rheumatism/Muscle Liniment”

Arthritis and Rheumatism: This biological liniment is produced from entirely natural organic materials. It is an extremely effective treatment when applied twice daily to the affected area. “Enzymatic Keys” developed by Dr Henry are the essential trigger mechanism which activates this biological product to perform its function so effectively.

Muscles and Ligaments: The LINIMENT is an effective treatment for damaged or strained muscles and ligaments. The liniment is both a preventative and curative preparation for both general use in the home and for athletes in training. The LINIMENT is a breakthrough in both the prevention and treatment of sports related injuries.

Treating Injuries: The LINIMENT has been found to have an amazingly fast curative effect on damaged muscles and tendons. It has been successfully used to treat myositis, muscle rupture, tennis elbow and sprained muscles. The LINIMENT mitigates the pain and swelling due to bruising and other damage caused by impact. The LINIMENT will also mitigate pain and promote the treatment of burns.

Preventing Injuries: For athletes, application of the liniment to muscles prior to training or competitive activity expands the blood vessels, thereby increasing circulation and ensuring there will be no friction between the connective tissues. The muscles are therefore ‘limbered up’ prior to any major exertion. This substantially reduces the risk of sprain, ruptures and inflammation. The liniment goes on working to prevent the build up of lactic acid in the muscles preventing cramps and guarding against injury. At the end of the activity, the athlete is free from sore and aching muscles. Subsequent ‘stiffness’ is also prevented.
Additional Benefits: The LINIMENT has also proven to be effective for:

Sciatic/Back Pain
“Whip Lash” Neck Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In application, the LINIMENT has a cumulative effect and must be applied daily. For best results, a small amount of LINIMENT should be massaged into and around the affected area for several minutes at least twice daily

Reaction time will be dependent upon the location of the problem, the age of the patient and the length of time that the patient has suffered from the condition. Many people enjoy immediate relief. Most sufferers however, require several weeks before improvement is seen.

CONTENTS: Purified water, flower wax, white bee’s wax, bee’s kit (anti-bacterial substance from bee wax),, MSM, phyton cider (from garlic), wormwood oil, palm seed oil, sweet corn oil, tea tree oil.

(The LINIMENT is not effective against Rheumatoid Arthritis. The LINIMENT will not work on joints where only bone exists. Soft tissue must still be present in the joint.)


“After suffering for over 6 months with a painful elbow, I finally talked with my doctor. He diagnosed the pain in my elbow as ‘Tennis Elbow’. My arm had gotten so bad that I could hardly lift anything. The doctors only suggestion was that I continue taking aspirin for the pain but it never helped very much. Several months later, in desperation, I started using some Liniment that a friend said would work wonders. I applied the Liniment twice a day, as I was instructed, and massaged it real good into my elbow. At the end of 3 weeks the pain was gone, I could lift things normally and the elbow has not bothered me since. The Liniment did indeed work wonders! And now I wonder why I suffered needlessly for nearly 9 months.”

Alton S.

“A few months ago I had a condition which the doctor diagnosed as arthritis in my left knee. It was very painful and my leg ached from my ankle to my hip. I limped when I walked and sometimes my knee would not support me. I began using your Liniment and my knee slowly, but gradually, got better and now I have no pain and only a little swelling. I’m still using the Liniment and I use it night and morning. It is pleasant to apply in the morning because it has no medicinal smell. And it make my knee feel better, that’s the best part.”

Mary W.

“Hi, my name is Kathy …I am 36 and a mother of seven. I live a very active lifestyle…Well my knees began cranking, cracking and swelling with pain. My doctor’s diagnosis was degenerative arthritis in both knees. He recommended that I have my knees scraped, and informed me that this would be a temporary solution. I told him I needed time to think and research this thoroughly before I made any decisions. During that time I was encouraged by a family member to give the Liniment a try. On the first application I felt a soothing warm sensation. I was told that if I applied the Liniment at least twice daily for the period of four months I would be cured. With the faith of a child and hope for a miracle, I did as I was told. It has been five months now. I enjoy roller skating with my children, …and hiking. Only once in a while do my knees softly remind me that one more application would feel nice. ….”

Kathy P.

“My experience with your enzyme lotion has been nothing short of amazing. After just a few days of application both morning and night, I was able to feel a remarkable difference in my knee. I suffer from arthritis in my right knee. It has been 20 years since I injured it originally, and I have had arthroscopic surgery and a major reconstruction of the interior cruciate ligament and removal of both the exterior and anterior meniscus. I have had varying degrees of pain over the years. … After massaging the lotion into my knee from the front all the way around to the back where the tender soft tissue is, I felt relief after just a few minutes. I have more range of motion when those ligaments and muscles are soothed with the lotion. It has a mild cooling sensation at first then a rather warm relaxing feeling. Thank you for sharing this extraordinary Liniment with me.”

Helen H.

“I have been using your Liniment for the past two months. I have had a painful arthritic condition for three years. Never have I used any product that has been so effective. This Liniment eliminates my pain in a matter of a few minutes. My sister, who also has arthritis, uses the product with the same remarkable effects.”

Sharon F.

“My name is Carol….and I am 48 years old. Last year I was riding in a jeep and suffered a severe whip lash. I was seeing a chiropractor….twice a month for three months. The pain would lessen after my visit, but returned in a few days. I started using the Liniment twice a day and after two weeks the pain was completely gone.”

Carol L.

“Just a note of thanks for introducing me to an amazing Liniment….I was working and that sciatic pain, starting in my sacroiliac joint going down my leg until about mid calf would just sting. I rubbed Liniment once again lightly, so to test the product both in the gluteals and down the lateral side of my leg. To my amazement, once more the pain went away and was gone for several days. ….I also used it to work on a couple of my more chronic clients. ….One client who had had 6 back surgeries, filed full of chronic arthritis and inflammation had very good results. ….Another gentleman had tremendous neck pain even after having his neck fused. He had also been in a chronic pain situation. He rubbed it in and received more relief than anything he had tried. I have found it to be quite amazing. …”

Debbie M. (Licensed Massage Therapist)

“I had whip lash abut three years ago that changed my life. People who experience whip lash cannot lift anything over ten pounds and cannot experience any degree of stress without their neck and shoulders twisting into knots. The Liniment has been a lifesaver. The minute you rub it into your skin you get instant relief—the results are dramatic, the pain and discomfort are virtually gone. I call it Bio’s miracle cream.”

Gaye D.

“I will be forever grateful to you for the lotion you have given me for arthritis. I have suffered, for many years, with arthritis throughout my body. …I had to have my spine scrapped and for a while afterward I felt better and was able to walk again without such pain. But, of course, the arthritis has returned. One day while cleaning house, my knee became very painful causing me to limp. I remembered the Liniment and applied it as instructed. Almost immediately the pain was gone. I now use it more regularly, not just for my knee but for my back and where ever it is needed to reduce or eliminate any pain. Thank you, Thank you. Without your Liniment I would probably need to use a cane, or worse.”

Mary M.

“I am a 27 year old landscape maintenance worker. I have a torn ACL in my left knee which aches after I play too hard. Your Liniment relieves this pain for me. This Liniment allows me to play hard and not worry about suffering later.”

Scott R.


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