These photos above were sent from Spain. A man with Pemphigus Vulgaris was “restored to health” with Anpathadon in 45 days, 2014

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Autism and testimonies
Cancer testimonies May 2015
These photos above were sent from Spain
Diabetes infected feet before the treatment
Woman lost right Eye from cancer
A cat with cancer

Some testimonies when they have used Anpathadon or Hypothodon.
The testimonies below have not been edited and are in its original form that I have received via email.

Testimonial #1

I have had dental work done that left a gap between two molars. Three months ago food became stuck there and the area became terribly inflamed. It did not resolve for many days, so I had to use antibiotics. I do not like using them because they are “anti-life” and kill the beneficial gut bacteria. One week ago the same area became inflamed again and was quite painful. Rather than kill of my intestinal bacteria again I tried anpathadon. I squirted the solution directly into the gap, held it there for a minute or so, then swallowed it. In the spirit of full disclosure, I also rinsed the area several times a day with real salt. Within 12 hours the area was no longer painful or swollen. The antibiotics took three days to effect the same result. I am sold on anpathadon!

Testimonial #2

This testimonial is not to claim that all PTSD is caused by heavy metal poisoning, but it clearly indicates that for some people this group of mental symptoms may be metal toxicity, leading to a significant misdiagnosis where the patient is never treated for the correct disease. Certainly many people in the military may be subject to significant exposures, as well as plumbers, pipe fitters and other mechanical work……Arrow

Re: Anpathadon and metal implants

1 have over the last 8 months removed Aluminium 97.739 mcg/l., Barium 205mcg/l., Berryllium 0.225mcg/l., cadmium 0.225mcg/l, lead 37.21 mcg/l, Mercury 35.237mcg/l, Nickel 11.112mcg/l, palladium 6.002 mcg/l.platinum 4.157mcg/l., silver 60.227mcg/l., Tantallium 0.54 mcg/l., Thallium 0.104mcg/l., and Tin 10.737 mcg/l.
Tt was a saliva test. Aluminium and barium don’t belong in the make up of what was in my mouth, 6 gold plates of which no gold is present,4 amalgam fillings, Tantallium also doesnt belong there, its only found in mobile phones, computers, and flat screen tv’s.

I can take you through every aspect of what it does to your body, in conjunction with what you put in your mouth will determine the effects and how long it takes to turn you into a candidate for the asylum.

10 yrs in the hands of the experts and told i was unstable, (and i was, i was a danger to myself and everyone around me) given the tag off ptsd/combat stress, diagnosed with a multitude of illnesses. So where have all the nightmares and the rest gone?
Anpathadon has blew them away.

It hasn’t just been anpathadon. I have got a procedure that will clean out the body, then it has to be built up from cell and mineral level, now have 10 previous sufferers at different stages of recovery, they cannot change whats already on our medical records, i want them to explain what magic wand has started to reverse the lot, Learn what anpathadon is, how it works, but most importantly make decisions for yourself. This can only be done by having the information required.

My eyes have kept me alive throughout many different crazy situations. One look into --------s eyes gave me all the answers i needed. You have got no problems with anpathadon harming you. Take it for a few weeks. Life will change. All it is doing is removing the combinations that are destroying the human body, the mind and memory problems which are a symptom of a body that is slowly disentigrating from the inside out.

22 yrs of military, lead, from weapons, mercury from amalgam fillings and as a leaving present, 6 gold plates put in 10 months before leaving but there is no gold. They consist of 7 different metals. I became a plumber, heating engineer and gas fitter. That knowledge has saved my life, also nearly cost me it. The system ensures tests are inadequate. I had to play them at their own game to get answers, combat stress, doctors and dentists all denied this was happening but they could diagnose PTSD. Even now the metals are visable throughout my whole body, the difference is they are out of my main organs and i am in control. NO HELP FOR HEROS should be the slogan. It cost a few thousand pounds to get tests done (GERMANY) I had to sell what i had to get answers. Even now when I put the results down in front of the doctor he never gave them a second glance, but hey they said i was mentally ill. I will go into roleplay to trigger actions. When a doctor wants to take blood to test for lead after giving him the results, when i pointed out that it will not be found in my blood and his answer was well where is it? he had to be told that he was a threat to my life, and after surviving 22yrs infantry i find that the most dangerous people i have ever met are the ones who are supposed to help, PTSD = HEAVY METAL and CHEMICAL POISONING. People are looking for what is there, the most important factor is what and how your internal workings are slowly destroyed As time goes on what you put in your mouth completes the combinations required.

No problems, my experiences and knowledge gained are all personal, anpathadon is just part of what has had to be done to get me to this stage, hypothodon has been used also, the results phenominal, only after or during me carrying out medical experiments on myself and monitoring every reaction, observing carefully what is departing my body and by which meathod i was then able to work out the causes, and the proccess of all illness. There has been no help from anyone. In fact, doctors, veterans agencys etc. all closed the doors when i mentioned mercury. My body is now 9stone soaking wet, 2st muscle tissue eaten away. What I realy need is someone to take the words from my mouth and put them in an order people can understand. There is so much more that happens inside. The key things that happen are that metals keep you acidic. This feeds candida. Candida eats cells destroyed by acid. The immune system uses calcium from bones to balance ph, this is deposited internally in most organs and pipes, causing blood to thicken and a lack of oxygen. Calcium in this state is as toxic as lead. Once in this condition, anything that goes in with a ph of less than 7.365 requires to be alkalised and the immune system uses anything at hand. Behaviour etc is a manefastation of this proccess
June 6 …. an update

The confirmation of the ability of anpathadon came when after getting a 2nd test done after a chelation drip and the strongest chelation meathod avaliable, on recieving my results my doctor called to enquire the name of the substance i had been using other than what he had prescribed. What he did not know was that I only used anpathadon for 3 wks and none of the chelation prescription. My answer was you are holding my results and they read nothing like they should which was correct. Mercury was down from 37mcg/l to 1.75mcg/l and the rest were gone or way down, but it did show 37mcg/l of lead which I now know, thanks to hypothodon and anpathadon, was buried deep in my hips, knees and big toe and injurys that have been there for years have gone, with bent knuckles are now straight joints are pain free. I went at it with the view that I have nothing to lose. The medical system wasnt helping and it can do no harm. Anything that happens is a reaction to what I am doing. My body knows exactly what it is doing and every ailment, thought process, reactions,behaviour, etc. are all manefestations of your body trying to keep you alive with the fuel thats being put in and if you can imagine the water condition of a 40yr old heating system,that hasn’t been cleaned, how would it function? Anpathadon is the cleaner.

Here is an addition to this story received Jan 2012
i have been working on a live body that had been destroyed physicaly and mentaly by 4 amalgam fillings and 6 gold plates, the system wont accept the results of a mineral analyses (saliva) test done in a lab in germany followed by a mineral analysis DMPS challenge, the first showed,Aluminium,Barium,Mercury,Nickel,Palladium,platinum ,Silver,Tin, all high, others present,Berryllium,cadmium,tantalum,thallium, the second test showed high levels of lead, its now 1 year since i started to remove the metals,its all been done in a natural way, nothing induced,also what has to come out are parasites,pathogens,viruses,bad bacteria,yeast,fungus and mould, all have been thriving inside the body and will continue to thrive unless procedures are carried out to remove them, then there is the calcium to deal with it is in every joint and muscle tissue, 10 yrs juicing wont remove it, 9 months of using magnesium oil transdermally every day,along with calcium hyperchlorite,hempseed oil,lemon,juice,kefir,clay, anpathadon spray, anpathadon oral,iodine , the calcium on every join in my fingers is now dissolving and oozing out the palms of my hands,fingers are now straightening,joints are pain free,ptsd,combat stress, anxiety, depression, asthma, tension, constant fear all gone, there is so much i can say on what this **** exactly does to the body and why,i dont know how to explane it or put it all to gether in writing, the only way i have been able to get through to people as to what the real causes of their illness mental or physical, has been to prove to them that by removing chemicals, toxins and heavy metals, and putting in the right combinations of fuel and water, they get better, but there is so much more that needs to be repaired thank you arrowind, i need a book to explaine the meathods i had to use to get answers, even after 1st test which showed the metals present, a blood and hair analyses showed nothing, i am not bitter but so frustrated that the system deliberatly, ensures that the tests avaliable are designed to fail, on the herbal side,when i got the confirmation that i was looking for, which came from a now special person in my life (the mercury free dentist) i then went to Belfast to visit a GP who is a holistic dr as well.he did manual tests which proved i was worth more melted down,this led to the following herbs being taken prior to getting amalgam followed 1 month later the gold out, Hummet-R,Demertox,Nutrisorb selenium drops,Milk thistle,symboilact satchets, perentol,Quercetine,Bearberry tincture,Nystatin,Byocidin drops,oregano drops,
after recieving the results i had run out of herbs,and have been put in a situation where finances dont exist, i had been researching anpathadon at the time and now i knew what had caused my demise, i had nothing to lose,my DR,the Veterans agencys and combatt stress wouldnt help,they used the fact that i had been classes as having a mental illness, as an excuse to dismiss me,when i went through the exact procedures that are taking place inside the body and they looked at me as if i had 2 heads,
well at the time i did and i was not in controll of any of them, so i took anpathadon for 4 wks,that process is a story on its own, the thing was very quickly thoughts,memory,reactions,tension,and every other ailment started to dissapear, i could see the metals departing the toilet was full of them for weeks, this period also seen candida departing,4 days straight tied to the toilet, then i collapsed so i stayed off anpathadon,
shortly after i went back to belfast, had a second more intense test done, showed the doctor what was happening to my skin from toe to head, it was exploding.well he had no idea what it was,then i asked him for something that would help my wife with osteroporosis,was handed minerals, off i went, 2 wks later the DR is on the phone wanting to know what i had been using other than what he prescribed,i was getting my old sharpness back,the stuff that kept me alive during 22yrs of brainwashing, i mean service lol, i knew straight away that the results were not what he was expecting, 25 yrs in the bussines and the results had blew him away, mercury was down from 35mcg/l to 1.75, however masses of lead showed up that was not present in saliva test,he could not guarantee that resuls after 18 months,
this gave me physical evidence of the power of anpathadon it just had to be used properly, balance in taking things out is very important not to much at one time,or you will feel like you are dying and will put most people off,herximers reaction is to be attempted only 0nce ,
later on i had worked out what was happening to my skin,everything was trying to get out and it couldnt every pore is blocked and my skin has a calcium jacket over the outer surface,only forehead can sweat,this is still the case however annother 6 months to a year will see that side complete
later on i took hypothodon, just to check out any reactions,it was for my uncle who was diagnosed with cancer, that is annother whole new story,i thought i was rid of metals internally how wrong was i, calcium pitted with lead was removed from hips,knees,foot,how do i know,4 days ainto hypothodon, i couldnt walk for 4 days was in agony,hips knees and foot, then out pops masses of calcium and all pain gone,joints that were like broken glass are now running smooth and pain free,this process continues ,
if i didnt try it out i would never have known it was there,even better its removing it from every component in the body,the way i have and am approaching the re build phase, has nothing to do with anything medical,all engineering,how fuel is converted to energy,what happens when the fuel does not contain the correct mix,what happens when energy is expended and the fuel reserves are depleted,how the flow of energy is disrupted due to cell deaths caused by acid and emf,s blowing cell electrons, both actions permenantly feed candida,which grows and dumps more acid,this changes the blood from life giving to contaminated,yeast fungus mould,parasites,pathogens,viruses and bad bacteria thrive in the enviroment that has all been created silently.
all internal organs operate at different frequencys,they all need different combinations of fuel,depending on the energy being expended, as metals and chemicals accumulate throughout life, organs diminish the ability to tune in is disrupted,your whole life is now on low frequency,this affects every aspect of who you are and in this state,the mental illness issues are all driven by fears that have been implanted during child hood,how you were treated will be in controll of how you think,react, the drills learned especially military,every drill is an automatic reaction to different events taking place,all aggressive reactions, when the brain cannot function fears and learned behavior are in controll, you will be held accountable for your behaviour,but no one will look at the cause, the mind is only one component and its running on contaminated fuel

Testimonial #3

I have been using anpathadon for over a year. I have seen great results in getting rid of bacteria in my body and seen it working with friends and family. I personally haven’t got any diseases of any kind but we all have bacteria of some sort and I did get a swollen stomach and gases. An old lady with diabetes with swollen feet, couldn’t walk anymore and needed help from family to look after her. After taking anpathadon, for 2 weeks, she could walk again and she got her life back and her family didn’t have to look after her anymore. They were impressed and very happy. My brother had a fungal infection in his feet, used anpathadon for a week, all gone. I gave it to an overweight woman, that feels chronic fatigue most of the time. She took anpathadon for a week, she doesn;t feel it anymore. But of course she is changing her bad food habits. It’s all related, don’t leave it all to anpathadon, we need to eat fruits and veggies. Thx God to anpathadon.

Testimonial #4

i deliberately exposed myself to current influenza outbreaks here in australia. in both instances i started to sneeze within hours, i resorted to my current maintaince dose of three activated drops, which i took morning and night. one possible infection did not survive the night, and the second possible infection had me sneezing eight times the next day, but the nightly dose obviously knocked it on the head that night. so all remained controlled. no other symptoms were experienced, other than a slight runny nose as a result of the sneezing, which is normal.
the above flue infections are pretty bad, as the people involved were off work and bedridden for several days and affected badly for over two weeks.

nice to know that anpathadon is still protecting me after four and half years of use. NO medication of any sort has passed my lips during those years…. kev

Testimonial #5

Kidney Stones:
I used anpathadon with the intention of a general detox and ended up getting rid of nine kidney stones in the process and I am cured of all the intermittent pains I get in my pelvic region for the past several years. I’ve posted the pictures as attachment n this email.

Testimonial # 6

Arrow, anpathadon cleared up my pilonidal sinus, but I stopped taking it too soon! It also cleared up my crappy cough in about 3 days that I had had for about a month. Yes it tastes foul, it will give you the *hits if you go to fast or have reached toxin overload – but it works. Bill has a wonderful story about a friend who child took it and it cleared up a eye problem. Story in your thread. My cousin is taking it for breast cancer – I will let you know how she goes.

Testimonial # 7

My son (35 y.o.) has suffered with debilitating prostatitis for 15 years now, He took the anpathadon drops as per the protocol and after 40 days he has declared himself 100% cured! Anpathadon is the best medical drug in the world!

His daughter (3 y.o.) went to a child’s party and caught a very bad throat infection. He and his wife thought long and hard about giving her anpathadon, as he said “It’s one thing to take it yourself, but another to give it to a child”, and after careful consideration started off giving her 1 drop, then 2 drops, then 3 drops and after the 4 drop dose 2 days later, she was up and running around. Normally a similar infection would have required heavy doses of antibiotics and a spell of 7 days and longer in bed. They weighed her, and followed the protocol.

My son introduced a friend (55 y.o.) to anpathadon – he has an hereditary cancerous bowel condition requiring 6 monthly colonoscopies and diathermy of cancerous polyps (up to 40 each time), and after 3 weeks of anpathadon (as per protocol) his doctor has declared him to have a “clean bowel” and doesn’t need to see him for at least 2 years. The same man also had a PSA reading which has increased sharply over the past 12 months, up to the point of recently being scheduled in for surgery for prostate cancer, something he did NOT want to do. After 10 days of anpathadon, his reading has come down into the normal range, and so amazed his doctor, the doctor has demanded to see all the info he has on anpathadon! The patient, of course, is very happy that he didn’t need the operation after to have taken anpathadon.

Testimonial # 8

Excuse me for any possible linguistic mistake, but I’m from Greece and English is a foreign language for me.

I was diagnosed with having Ulcerative Colitis in 2005 although suffered the symptoms since the beginning of 2004 after a course of 2 antibiotics.

First I went to some doctors of the western medicine with no results. In reality one of them made my condition worse.

Later on I tried Homeopathy with no results again. After that I tried some Chinese supplements in conjunction with restricted diet based on the blood type. Some minor only results were noticed and abandoned this method 5 months later.

This period was when I heard about a naturopath that has cured many here from Colitis (all kinds). I did whatever he told me. Basically it was a combination of proper diet, nutritional healing and some other things. He helped me overcome almost all my symptoms that were intestinal bleeding, anemia, weakness, loss of weight and anorexia, and to some point some food allergies.

In the meantime I have tried some other methods/supplements to increase the healing rate but to no avail.(such as vit E enema, Human probiotic infusion, Ayurvedic products and many many others with more or less relieve of the symptoms).

But at the end of May of the previous year my bleeding begun again, increasing successively my food allergies. I said “ oh no again the same”. I was very depressed all those year about that and especially in that later period that the symptoms have returned.

My doctor was abroad for months, so I tried to do something on my own I traveled to Germany for a QXCI/SCIO test and it revealed Mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings(I knew it and replaced them 1 year ago with composites), some parasites from pets, some kinds of amoebas and some viri as well as other things.

I searched hard and found that a Zapper may help me solve this out killing all those critters inside me. Although I knew about that device 2 yrs earlier I discredited it, considering it couldn’t do anything for my condition. How foolish of me! I then ordered a Zapper from e-bay for $65 and starting using it. Dr Hulda Regehr Clark Says it takes 3 weeks at least for the frequencies to reach deeply in the intestines. She is so right about that. In the 3rd day on the Zapper some intestinal fluids mixed with serum stopped from pouring out of my colon. It was the first miracle. For the first 5 days I had diarrhea since the bad bacteria, protozoa, viri and fungi were killed. When the time was passing the bleeding was also disappearing. In 3 weeks the waterfalls of my bleeding stopped. But there was just a tiny drop of blood every time I had a bowel movement. My bleeding had almost stopped , but the pain was still there, as were the food allergies too.

So I decided to try something different to see if I can cure this condition once and forever. One of my friends discussed lately much about anpathadon and its potential to kill even the most stubborn infections. I again ordered 2 bottles from you and started this protocol. In the first couple of days I had once again diarrhea and this tiny drop of blood stopped totally from coming out on the stools. Today it’s March 20th 2008 and since December 10th of 2007 there is no bleeding, not even that tiny drop. Later on while on anpathadon I noticed that when I was tired my large intestine didn’t hurt. Also I felt no discomfort in that area when it was cold outside. But the last miracle about that was that I now can eat everything again with no allergic reaction. I no longer cook specific foods for me, I drink alcohol, I eat out with no limits. The only thing that I still haven’t tried is cayenne that used to increase my bleeding extremely when my colon was inflamed.

I haven’t done any colonoscopy now to see how my intestine looks, but I can surely feel the difference and why not speak about a cure in some time from now if all things go as they are now.

My main point is that most digestive issues are mainly due to parasitic infections. In some cases heavy metal accumulation, mineral deficiencies or bad lifestyle may contribute also to that problem.

I thank the God that sent me that naturopath which helped me so much and introduced me to that world of alternative medicine and anpathadon which helped me find my way towards healing.

Testimonial # 9

A friend first brought updrinking anpathadon about 4 years ago. She kept mentioning it over and over to me, telling me how much it had helped her, and many, many others she knew.

I was pretty conservative, ate a SAD diet, and had very little experience with any holistic therapies. But, she was so enthusiastic, and she was a good friend, so I tried anpathadon.

Within the first hour of sipping this, I felt “high” … I was at work at the firehouse, so this was not the best place to feel this way, lol … I called up Darlene (my friend) and at first she couldnt believe it, but I described the way I felt and she agreed, yup, I was probably stoned.

We figured out, after thinking things over, that I had taken some anti-depressants and some anxiety meds about 8 to 12 mos before, and what had probably happened was a release/detox of stored meds from that prior time period … so I had a REALLY nice, euphoric first two hours drinking anpathadon.

After that, I began to feel incredibly more energetic, and I started to drop weight. I became so convinced so early about this combination that I continued to drink anpathadon, mixed with about a teaspoon of dry grass powder/veggie powder, about 4 -5 of these per day. The more I drank, the more weight I lost, and the more my appetite/desires shifted to eat the healthy food that was being recommended to me (“alkaline diet”). It is almost as though the more pure my body became, the more I wanted to eat whole foods, green foods, etc….

In the first 4 months I noticed the following benefits:

- I lost 40lbs (although I had NOT been trying to lose weight)
- I began to look a LOT younger … I was 39 then … most people would guess I was 28 – 29
- My eyes brightened a TON … they went from tired and dull, to bright green … for the
first time in my life, people would comment about my eyes…lol
- Little skin problems cleared up … itchiness, skin health, etc…
- My dandruff disappeared and my scalp stopped itching.
- I finally slept soundly; I had always awoken tired, and would have trouble waking up
even by 7 or 8 in the morning; now, I could go to bed at 11pm, and I would ALWAYS pop awake at 4:30 or 5am, ready to go, and not be tired again until the next night.
- My snoring/sleep apnea just WENT away … I had been tested in a hospital sleep study center, and I would stop breathing about 30 times per hour
. - My allergies (seasonal, food, environmental) just WENT away … after years of suffering, and trying every OTC med known to man.
- My STRONG desires for sweets/carbs just WENT away (and when I say desires here, I mean pure LUST)
- My mind cleared up … for the first time really since high school I felt like I had my brain back … it was wonderful; I started writing again, poetry and stories, I started studying new subjects, etc…
- My energy level and my stamina continued to skyrocket … I would take my soccer ball down to the park, in the 98 degree heat of July, and play with the 16 year old soccer players until they wore out. Then I would go for a run.
- My patience, tolerance and love for others increased.

It was INCREDIBLE. I remember telling friends after about 4 mos. (in all humility, lol) that I felt like I could bend steel with my bare hands. And the energy, the strength, the endurance, and clarity of thought and expression all felt holistic, natural and good.

I’m sure there were many more things … it is difficult to recall it all…but I remember that it basically gave me my life back.

Please take care / Scott

Testimonial # 10

Well, I don’t have hepatitis C myself, but my brother does. The first week he got right up to the 15 drops. I bought the anpathadon for him. After the first couple of days, he brought the drops up to 15 and he has been at 15 twice a day ever since. The reason he got up to 15 so fast was because he had one week before seeing the doctor. I bought him the anpathadon and told him that the doctor had handed him a death sentence and he wasn’t doing a thing about it. He started then faithfully taking the drops. So, upon seeing the doctor only ONE week later, he had gained 10 pounds and his bilirubin was completely normal. So, trying to get more information out of my brother is very difficult, but he just yesterday saw his liver doctor and the doctor had originally wanted to put him on chemotherapy the first of December, but after seeing his results, he said, “Come back in three months.” So, I ask my brother if that means he no longer has hepatitis C, and he’s not sure. But, I am continuing to encourage him to keep taking the anpathadon and to have several days in which he takes larger doses, or even taking it three times a day instead of two, etc. I believe it is and will work on anyone who works at it. Each person will be different. With my brother, he also has celiac sprue, so he has a lot more to overcome. Within that one week of taking the anpathadon, he gained 10 pounds, as I mentioned, but that is amazing for someone who had tried and tried to gain weight. Without a shirt he looked like he lived in a concentration camp. So, the progress is substantial. Each one is a little different, but I have NO doubt that this is and will save his life.

…………………………… I have been made aware by doctors that I need a new liver due to having Hepatitis C 30 years ago. I have been through ten years of treatments with specialists. I have been taking anpathadon for a month now. Last week, I went to the clinic. They took their usual tests, but this time, the doctor told me that my liver is now in a stable condition and that he did not have to see me for a year.
Separate from that, my energy level is through the roof and I have noticed that the “spider nevai” or red spots that used to be sprinkled across my chest are gone. A seeming chronic skin infection on my leg which I have suffered with for 7 years is almost completely cleared up. I can’t believe it. Anpathadon is a miracle product!!!!!

Breast Cancer - Daughter only Had 2-3 Weeks to Live

Delwyn was originally diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 26. It quickly spread to her bones, hips, spine and lung. Her liver was in bad shape also.

Four weeks ago she was confined to bed, had to urinate in a glass bottle, and weighed only 45 kg.

On October 3rd 2012 was a black day for the family. She had not eaten for 3 days and her Doctor met with the family and said they needed to make a decision as to whether to pull the feed tubes out of her or not. She had 2 – 3 week to live. In emergency hospital, the family had arranged her funeral and cemetery plot

She started on the products from dr henry and 10 days later the cancer markers continued to increase but her strength and energy started to return. She was walking and even drove a short distance around the paddock at her parents Park.

It is now November 1st 2012 and her cancer markers are on the way down, falling even 40 points in the past week and still falling (Measuring her CA.15-3 scores). She is driving better than she was 6 months ago, She has no pain, is able to dress herself, her kidneys and liver are in better condition. Is now sleeping and walking better than 4 months ago.

Her Doctor saw her last week and simply could not believe how well she looked. She has no pain and has reduced all of her medications.
Delwyn and her family acknowledge God’s leading and provision of her treatment and the timing of it all at deaths door. Yes it is early days but she is 6 months ahead of where she was just 4-5 weeks ago.

Delwyn has a good diet of vegetable juices, berries and raw foods which help enormously in keeping her body alkaline as well as nourishing her cells to re-build stronger and healthier**. There is no doubt that the products from dr henry in this case has been foundational in cleansing the body of pathogens, mould, fungus, viruses and bacteria that have been so prolific and allowing the cancer to grow and spread.
** She practices the 8 natural health laws: Nutrient, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God Helen (Delwyn's Mum) Victoria

Initially she could not keep anything down, just kept throwing up, juice the drops everything for about 3 days. When she got nausea she would eat a dry biscuit or banana

She has been having fever baths every 2 days raising her temp to 38 deg (bath 41 deg) with half a cup of Bicarb of soda That is basically it. She is now off all medications and doing very well

The diarrhea and vomiting are good signs that the body is simply eliminating what it does not need

Been suffering from cancer 3 years

hello. My name is Katherine, today is a special day for me, I've been suffering from cancer 3 years, it all started COUN left breast cancer, I did my surgery and chemotherapy and radiotherapy was given as well. at 6 months oncme tencancer says in the mediastinum, neck and right axilla. so again I give chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which did not help. three months to tell me that I still have bad cells, this time I said that I only can give a paleativa chemo and that I live only about three years.

I know from the start I miss all the doctors wrong, but I will not go into this topic.

so began my search with the help of my mother, with a firm that wanted to live convicion .. so I get anpathadon and hypothodon to my life, I have been taking anpathadon and hypothodon, a little over six weeks, and today I take a pet me, the nurse whom I have known for so long going to the hospital told me that do not appear to malignant cells in the ganglia of the neck or armpit, I have even in the mediastinum, but on a scale of 1 to 10 is a good news 4.This and intuitive as my body has experienced, inflammation, plurito, redness, and blemishes.

I'M HEALING, thank God, anpathadon and hypothodon, go ahead, I still have some way to go, but GOD ACCOMPANYING ME


Anpathadon and hypothodon healed my prostate cancer

Dear Dr Henry, In 1997 I was diagnosed with a Gleason 7 prostate cancer having a 1.5cm tumour. My healing modalities at the time did not include mainstream medicine but was expensive. For the last 6 years my AMAS tests were negative. July this year my AMAS test had a Net Tag of 158 which was elevated cancer; on Aug. 2 the Net Tag was 181 and finally on Sept. 21, 2011 my Net Tag was reduced to 81 which is very low and well in the normal range.
I used anpathdon and hypotodon protocols with enemas protocol. What cost me last time over $50,000 I did this time for $5000.-. I am ever so grateful for your work, Dr henry, facing challenges with tenacity and bringing a better and better understanding to how this product works. On your old program I got rid of a stubborn case of candida [yes, us men have that too] where for 10 years I tried everything and nothing worked until I took this product for 3 weeks and the follow-up tests had me clear.
I encourage anyone with a serious disease to study anpathadon and hypothodon; it helped me two times so far. I will now stay on a maintenance protocol. The above mentioned tests and my daily anpathadon and hypothodon consumption protocol are available on request.
Many thanks again
John Bastian

No more cancer!!!

Dear Dr Henry,
I would like to share with you the story of my father and his fight with cancer. Therefore, I have decided, with his consent, to write everything what could help people suffering from this serious illness.

I am a 33-year-old mother of a 3-year-old little girl. I am also a wife and am perhaps living as every woman taking care of a small child and household. Obviously, I am also a classic prototype of the daughter loving her father completely blindly and for the whole life. He was whole my childhood and nearly all my memories are connected with my dad. As a completely little girl I called him "tatty". It was always great fun with him, he always fulfilled everything he had promised, he always showed me the correct way, he had the patience of a saint with me and I am sure that he has brought me up well.

First of all, I would like to inform you of my dad's health.
When he was 33 years old, he had a serious stroke after which the left half of his body became partially paralysed. I was born a couple of months afterwards. He was with me all the time and we also learnt to walk together. Approximately in six years he started working again. In xxxx he started getting the full disability pension and a year afterwards he had again a stroke, even if a weaker one, but it tormented him a little. However, he has been living with his partial paralysis since 1977 up to now.

For the last time (before I learnt that he suffers from cancer) I saw him in August 2010. He did not seem to me all right. When we were leaving him, I said to my husband that I did not like my father, that he seemed to me yellowish and swollen, that - in brief - he was at death's door. I do not exaggerate, I really saw and felt it in this way.

On 3 November 2010 in the afternoon, my aunt - my father\'s sister living with him in one house - called me and told me that he was in a very bad condition. She told me that he did not want to tell me anything in order not to worry me, but now he is already frightened. She told me that he suffered from the large intestine cancer, that it looked very bad. On the following day, I called immediately the Lužická hospital in Rumburk town in order to find out more. His attending doctor was Ms Dr. Kulhava. She told me everything she could. The most important information was that my dad\'s large intestine was closing due to a tumour and there was a danger of his quick and painful dying due to vomiting his stool and subsequently also total poisoning. Then I called my dad immediately who was psychically down and out. He put a brave face on it and told me that he resigned himself to everything, but yet I know him and could tell that he was afraid like a little boy, that he did not want to die yet. I promised him to take care of him, that I would not leave him in it, that I would help him, that yet there was a chance of some treatment that can be effective. On the following day, I arranged the hospitalization in the Central Military Hospital Stresovice, (Prague) for him. Hereby I would also like to thank very much to my sister-in-law, Michaela, who helped and advised me whom to contact. I would also like to thank very much to Colonel Prof. Dr. Miroslav Ryska, CSc. who found a very early date for my dad\'s surgery that was finally performed excellently and my father recovered quickly after it.

When we took my dad home before his surgery, he was skinny, without life. I saw a broken man about whom I thought as a child that he is immortal, that he will be here for ever, that he has the biggest strength in the world. Yet I could have already known at my age that it is not true, so why I was so surprised? However, I had to be strong, strong for him, so that he could cope with everything better and get the support from me. Nobody knew that I had spent the whole nights crying and could not sleep. I feared so much for him!
At that time I still knew very little about ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON. I knew it nearly only from hearsay. Otherwise I was convincing my father to undergo chemotherapy, that I would arrange everything for him, that I would help him, that I would be with him all the time. However, the surgery has changed everything.......

On 18 November 2010, I arrived to the hospital in the late afternoon. My dad was in the high-dependency unit, he did not wake up from anaesthesia yet. I was looking at him, tears were trickling down my face, he looked like a baby. He was covered up to his neck, he looked so tiny on that bed... His mouth was opened, all these hoses of various sizes in him...... he was sleeping like an innocent baby. The world has turned round. I am already for him here, now I will take care, I say to myself... I stroked him and left to see his doctor. He did not know anything. He told me what a garden-gnome would also understand. So I left for home. At 6:00 p.m. my dad called me that he had woken up. I told him that I had seen him, that I had been there, that we had only missed each other. He was very glad that he had survived it and he thought perhaps that he had to call me and say it to me, that I did not perhaps call the whole day to the hospital, every ten minutes ?. When I came to visit him on the following day, he looked as if somebody had tortured him. He was in great pain, but unfortunately it could be expected after such a surgery. Fortunately, I caught the doctor assisting during his surgery (Dr. Pantoflicek), for which I was glad very much. However, what he told me was not optimistic at all. The tumour was too big, they removed as much as possible of it, one could make perhaps even a ball from that. He had multiple liver metastases. The reply to my question how long my dad would live was crushing - from 6 weeks to 2 months, with chemotherapy circa a half of year.

A half of year with chemotherapy? To suffer, vomit, not to live in any respect at least little worthwhile life and a half of year???? So this is not the correct way, that I understood immediately. However, I have never given up, and that characteristic I have inherited just from my father. So I told him in the hospital that I knew about a certain preparation that could be perhaps efficient also against his illness. Meantime, I got more information about ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON, and before my dad was discharged from the hospital I had ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON prepared at home.

On 28 November 2010, my father took ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON for the first time. He started with one drop every two hours. It lasted for the whole week. The following week he took one drop every hour. The following week he took by one drop more, then again by one drop more, until he reached the protocol 2000 (10 hours per day 3 drops of ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON and 4 times per day one capsule of ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON). He stayed there for the whole week, however, it was not possible for a longer time. He had nausea, his whole body was burning, he stayed in bed and my aunt called me that it was perhaps his end. So I went there with my husband. My dad looked really terrible. He was still skinny, tired, dead beat. However, I noticed a certain change. He had a peachy complexion. Yes, exactly such. In this respect he looked \"healthy\". I wanted to please him, so I said it to him. We discussed how to continue further. The way with ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON was not easy at all, my dad often hesitated. Preparing it every hour sometimes oppressed him psychically. Therefore, we started to prepare a daily dose in a bottle and divide it into ten portions. I also gave him good pineapple juice with which he diluted the solution, and it became easier immediately. It was very important that I suggested him the feeling that ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON is his ally, that they are fighting together against a big monster. And as my dad is a very upright man and is sometimes very outspoken, I knew that also in this case it would be necessary to choose really fitting shouts before taking ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON. I cannot perhaps specify it, it was really vulgar very much, but why, how it helped!!! Therefore, I would recommend to everybody strongly not to "caress" cancer. Swear at it very rudely, if you can, it has an unbelievably beneficial effect on the mind!

The time passed and my dad found his way and dosing that suited him. For a long time he was taking one drop of ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON every hour, ten times per day, plus a quarter of capsule of ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON four times per day. He tried to eat as healthy as possible and reduced smoking as much as his habit allowed him.
At the end of March, we were both already curious whether ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON helped him and in what manner. Therefore, I agreed with his general practitioner, the doctor Dr. Lacinova to whom I also have to thank very much for her willingness and care of my dad, upon the blood tests with focus on the oncomarker level. I called her in order to find out the results on 1 April 2011 and nearly had haemorrhage ?

His liver was negative, oncomarkers proving the large intestine cancer were negative. The doctor was silent for a while, she did not perheps believe it herself. Then she repeated again and again that it looked good, very good, that it looked really perfect.

Then I made a lot of phone calls quickly, the first person who learnt it was just my friend who had introduced ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON to us and helped us so much. Thank you, Pavel, very much! Then I called my dad immediately and he was afraid as it was the All Fools\' Day. But yet it is no joking matter. My surprised aunt called me back if it was true, I assured her that yes, that they can celebrate. I wanted very much to shout it from the rooftops how powerful medicine exists here, what it can do. I called perhaps all people from my address book that my dad had overcome cancer without chemotherapy and any other available methods and medicines.
However, in a couple of days another apprehension appeared. What was actually my father\'s blood count before? We found out that we maybe rejoiced prematurely, as the level of oncomarkers from which the large intestine cancer can be determined was within standards also before his surgery, even if higher than after ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON, but the difference was very small. I immersed myself in all various information on the Internet, I called to the hospitals where my dad was hospitalized to receive various information. We needed the test for another type of oncomarker that must be conducted together with the test for the large intestine. During the following week they conducted some sampling for my dad. And now we already know the result. In order you can understand it better, here is a small explanation. I do not provide any units, they are not important in this respect. I am describing it as a layman so that every person could imagine it.

The oncomarker proving the large intestinge cancer has the name C 19-9. Before his surgery, my dad had the level of 22.6. A healthy person can have the level up to 37. After the surgery and taking ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON, the level decreased to 22.34. As you can conclude yourselves, nothing what would predicate of his recovery.
The other onkomarker that should be measured at the same time with C19-9 has the name CA125. My dad had an increased level of it, the value was 49.6. The normal values are up to 35. And today? My dad\'s current value is 14!!!

In addition, bilirubin that had the value of 4444 and often predicates of a bad function of the liver, in my dad\'s case of multiple liver metastases (as I wrote that he was yellow everywhere - an increased bilirubin causes yellow skin), now he has the level of 8.4. The normal values are up to 24. The whole blood count is negative, my dad is only missing a little of potassium, nothing that could not be resolved with a glass of fruit juice every day. We have already bought a juicer ?.

I am happy that I have my dad back, that he feels good and that it is again fun with him. We call to each other every day, we both already know that we must not lose a single day when we can exchange a few words.
I love you, \"tatty\", and I am proud of you that you have beaten that monster. I already think again that you are the strongest man in the world!

Finally, we have prepared a short interview for you, it will perhaps help you in many decisions and believing in ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON. Not only me, Dominika Waloszkova, but also my brave dad, Oldrich Kaspar, wish you good luck and especially health.

Was it a difficult decision for you to take ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON?

It was not a difficult decision for me. Anyway, I would not undergo chemotherapy as due to chemotherapy all my friends are dead and buried.

How did you endure it at the beginning?

At the beginning I endured ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON well. However, as I started increasing my doses, it became worse. At the moment when I reached the protocol 2000 and stayed there for the whole week, I was really feeling bad. I decreased my doses so that they would suit me. I have got used to it over time.

How did your food look like?

I ate really modestly. Vegetable, fruit, yoghurts, cheese, breads and rolls. Nearly any meat. I tried to eat as healthily and possible. At the beginning I had the appetite, for example, for streaky bacon and sausages. Gradually I have broken away from this habit and today I do not even miss it.

Did you feel any physical change after a certain time of the ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON treatment?

For me, ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON is a really miracle, I am not afraid of calling it like this. Every day I go walking, which did not crossed my mind before. I feel very well. If the weather permits, I spend the whole day outside.

Is it demanding to keep discipline and take ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON every hour?

I would say not. But I have to admit that at a certain moment it started upsetting me little, but a person can really get used to everything. I said to myself all the time: \"ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON is my friend and we together will destroy that monster - cancer\". At Christmas I also received from you, Dominica, a small angel that I have hung in the window and never taken it from there. I chatted with him several times per day.

How did you cope with nausea and did anything help you against it?

It was often very unpleasant, but I am sure that it cannot be compared with nausea and undesirable effects after chemotherapy. It encouraged me and knowing that I could bear nausea better. I have never left out any dose, I only perhaps decreased it. I had always black coffee prepared. A couple of sips were enough and nausea was over. It helped especially after the ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON tablets.

How do you feel now?

Today I feel as a healthy person. I do all works, I only avoid great stress. I view everything from a completely different perspective as before. I have a much greater regard for life. I have three grandchildren and it also makes me happy.

What did the information mean for you that your blood count is all right?

It was a shock for me. I learnt it on the All Fools\' Day, so I hesitated a little bit (laughing). Than I only thanked to God for beeing lucky to take ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON. Of course, I have to thank to Dr Henry very much, and also to my daughter and son-in-law. And to my sister who took care of me with love, my niece and also Mr Pavel who always met with my daughter willingly and advised and helped us with ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON.

Will you continue with taking ANPATHADON AND HYPOTHODON?

I will certainly continue with taking it! I am convinced very much that it is a great medicine. Recently many people have asked me what I was taking and many of them would also try it. Only doctors talk them out of doing that. But I say that everybody can dispose of his health as he wants. Therefore, I took advantage of this free choice and do not regret anything.


Cancer Treatment.
Hi Dr Henry,
In March 2010 a 80 year old man was diagnosed with cancer stage 4.
I witnessed the medical consult and the man was told he has only two/three months to live. I told the man I could help him and started the anpa- and hypothodon protocol for cancer stage 4.

After 2 weeks taking anpa- and hypothodon he felt much better and begin to gain weight again.He also started taking hypothodon four times a day.

Today April 30th. he feels better then ever anpa- and hypothodon.

Thanks to your miracle product

Cancer Gone!!!
Dear Mr. Henry,

I thought you would like to know that I have cured myself of uterine and ovarian cancer with anpathadon and hypothodon. One year ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma (Skin Cancer spread to my lymph hodes). I had an ultrasound in June of this year. the Dr. said I had a tumor on my right ovary and my uterus showed signs of cancer/precancer. The Dr. said I would have to have a hysterectomy. We decided to repeat the ultrasound in 1 month and do a biopsy and schedule the surgery after the results of the second ultrasound. In July I your protocol. Anpathadon and hypothodon treatment was unpleasant. Every time I took a dose I felt ill. I had little diarhea and nausea and vomitting. I also experienced excruciating pain in my right side (the affected ovary). I stuck with it dropping down a few drops then ramping back up until I reached 15 drops a day 2 times a day. I also found I would get less nauseus if I ate a half hour before taking the products. I just got the results of the repeat ultrasound. The ovarian tumor is gone completely and my uterus is normal and healthy, The Dr. said he doesn't know why but I no longer need surgery or a biopsy. Everthing is normal and healthy!

anonymous patient

Diabetes under control

Dear Sir Dr Henry; It is my pleasure to post the success story i have experienced using your product for my friend. He had this diabetes for years already without improvement. It takes about a month only. Using gradual increase day by day until able to take 4 caps a day at 2 to 3 hour time frame and 5 drops 8 time per day. Here is how he achieved it…. he also take enzyme at the same time. Before he start the cure. The reading was 7.+, now the reading was 5.+ He never had this reading before. He now taking it daily at 1 to 2 caps. I am glad to finally obtain more of your hyptodon. It does work too. Am having it often now. John

HIV and Anpathadon with Anviradon

Just a quick note. I have been helping someone with HIV using your products. Today he reports that his viral load is only 125. Last lab was 700. He doctor says his blood work looks almost normal. They are astounded! Asked him what he has been doing and he has not told them as of yet.

He has been doing 6 drops 2 and sometimes 3 times a day over the past 7 weeks. He feels great and has gained weight. We are all very excited here!

Will post more when I have further information.


HIV: Undetectable!!!!!!!!!

Hi Dr Henry!!!!

I'm here to share some great news: after my wife tested NEGATIVE for HPV (already mentioned that story here a while ago), it was my turn:

Took the PCR (RNA) test for HIV and guess what???

Results came UNDETECTABLE!!!! I'm so damn happy!!!

CD4 is still a little low, but the doctors said the Viral Load is THE most important thing and now that NO virus was detected in my blood, he's more than positive CD4 counts will raise.

Also, it's important to note that I couldn't wait the three months as recommended by you Henry after finishing the Protocol because my doctor requested my to take the test.

IMPORTANT: I've been on your protocol for exactly 105 days (29 days for maintenance)....
¨ And besides the Protocol, Faith and Hope played real important elements, as I prayed a lot with each capsule I took.

Maybe in three months I'll take the elisa test, and God help me that will test negative too!!!

I'll try to copy the test results here (sorry for the language, it's in portuguese):


Método: Reação em cadeia da polimerase (PCR) em tempo real
Material: RNA extraído do plasma

Limite de detecção: 20 cópias/mL (34 UI/mL).
NOTA(1): Um resultado "indetectável" indica que a viremia está ausente ou se encontra abaixo do limite de detecção do teste.

NOTA(2): Este teste não deve ser utilizado para o diagnóstico de infecção por HIV-1, exceto em situações clínicas bastante particulares.

Peace, Love and Health to everyone!
Chris, from Brazil

Helped dementia
My father had a very serious back operation and was under anesthesia for approximately 5 hours. In post-op he was confused. As his stay in the hospital progressed he regressed. He was experiencing significant dementia. The doctors claimed that the surgery just brought forth and underlying problem that was already there. My dad, being 78 at the time was very healthy, ran a ranch, prior to surgery.

One day I got I remembered anpathadon and decided to give it a try on my dad. By this time he was in assisted care. I did Clare's combination on him and by the time I left that day he was much clearer. I came back the next day and did the same with even greater improvement. By the third day, after the doses, he was back to himself and able to go home.

If not for anpathadon I don't think he would of ever been able to leave assisted living. He was getting worse and worse, not knowing where he was or who we were. I was so excited!!! Anpatahdon really works!!

Thanks you for your commitment to help others!
Dianne G

ASD, Anxiety

I'm a 25 year-old woman who is on the spectrum with many autoimmune symptoms, chelating to remove mercury using Andy Cutler's protocol. That protocol helped reduce my symptoms immensely, but I felt I was at a plateau so I used hypothodon for about two weeks and it helped substantially in lowering the pressure and anxiety in my brain. I'm going to try anpathadon enemas very soon and will give updates.



Hi Henri,

Happy Mothers Day! I hope that you can had a great time! I send you a hug and a kiss. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you've helped me with and are still helping! I was waiting until today to give you the great news that Danny is better than ever! Do not know how I thank God for your life! Thanks Henri for all, for your hospitality, for your help and endless etceteras that have made my child like never before! He is 95% now. He talks, reasons, and he has begun to read and write, doing well in his classes, he know more words in French and English! I hope one day he can have a conversation in French and thank you for all you did and everything you learned to help. Henri Thanks again!

and CONGRATULATIONS! Before-After "Blood Test Results" for Hepatitis

As some of you might already know from my former post on here, I found out that I had Hep.C a year ago, when my stomach filled up with fluids, [ascites] and my belly button ruptured from the large amount of fluids, which I was taken to the hospital, where they drained 7.2 liters of fluid out of my stomach, and put me on diuretics.

I had also become very weak and ended up in a wheel chair for some time.
After initial blood screening and CT scan, I was told that I had end-stage Hep.C and given 6 months or less to live. From that point I was referred to a Liver specialist who told me that I was too far in the 4th stage to be considered for the standard interferon treatments and the 6 months or less, was re-confirmed... that I should just go home to get my ducks in order. Nothing short of a liver-transplant would help.
Over the past year I've researched and have treated myself at home with herbs. to slow down the progression of the virus, and from a years worth of trial and error testing with herbal treatments, the most effective I've found to help control the virus is with a liver formula herbal blend called:Xiao Chai Hu San, which I made into the 00 sized capsules. This with other basic herbs like Milk Thistle etc. helped a lot, but though I've heard of those cases where Hep.C virus was healed with herbal methods, I've never been able to stop the virus with herbs, even with my best efforts to do so. This lead me to continue "Searching"...and lead me to run across the news about your products ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON.

NOTE: I would also like to mentioned that after reading several of the post on here about ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON, I wanted to give the ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON a "True Testing" for myself, without any outside influences, so I stopped taking any herbs while taking the ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON, though I did continue taking supplements of Vitamin B-12,B-6 etc.but not within an hour of taking any ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON. My Goal was to let the ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON stand-alone upon it's own Merit. I'm not one that buys into or puts a lot of faith in blown-up advertisements or claims by others. Is ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON for real? And if so, just how good is it? And how effective is it without any help from outside sources like herbs or etc. taken along with it? I don't drink, and stick to a healthy diet. ~ So here's my results of finding the answers to these questions.

I ordered a bottle of ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON and after receiving it, I started taking it Mar.8th, 2010. But to not get ahead of myself here, here is my blood test results BEFORE and AFTER starting on ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON.

The results of my Liver panel blood test dated:
.......Feb.3rd, 2010.~ April 2nd,2010.
__________ ____________
ALT~{ SGPT } *85 ~*25

Normal Range:
AST~{ SGOT } *54 ~*21 ............
Alkaline Phos. *168 ~ *153 ..........
Glucose ........*130 ~*107 ..............
Anion Gap ......*9.0 ~*16.0 ..........
__________________________________________________ _____
Note: I started the ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON [Mar.8th], with only 1 drop per day for the first few days, and then started to slowly ramp up to 10 drops once a day on Mar.17th. ~Then I started to take more doses per day on Mar.18th.
Mar.18th= 12; 8; and 10drop dose for a total of 3 doses that day.
Mar.19th= 10; 10; 8; 10 drop doses. [Got mild stomach upsets]
Mar.20th= 10; 10 drop doses. Figured out that I needed a different juice
Mar.21st= 7; 7; 7;drop doses Started taking it with 100%pure Prune Juice
Mar.22nd= 7;7;7;7;3;3;7 drops. Read that more doses works better.
Mar.23rd= 9;9;9;9;9;drops. Being aggressive with hammering the virus!
Mar.24th= 7;7;7;7;7,drops. The ole' stomach upsets again..dropping back.
Mar.25th= 5;5;5;5;5;5;5;5;5;5,drops. Hammering every hr. all day long!!
Mar.26th=5;5;5;10;5;5;10;10;8,drops. Being aggressive again!
Mar.27th=5;5;7;7;7;10;5,drops Feeling my oats and getting outdoors more
Mar.28th=5;8;5;6;5;5;5;5,drops. Having mild "D" every morning but okay.
Mar.29th=5;5;5;6;5;6;5,drops. Losing energy, toxic build up..
Mar.30th=5;5;5;5;5;7;5;5;5, ~Ignoring side effects, Enough of this Virus!
Mar.31st=3;3;5;4;5;4;3;4.~Had 2 big "D" dumps this morning! feeling sick.
Apr.1st=5;3;4;3;3;4, Spacing does out every couple hrs. or so now..
Apr.2nd=5;3;4;4;3;3.Had BLOOD TEST 2 hrs.after 1st dose this morning.
Apr.3rd=3;3;3;3;3;3;5;5, Planning to continue with lower doses....
Apr.4th=3;3;3;3;4. Will continue taking moderate doses like this now for another few months, so as to pick up any hidden viruses in lymph nodes, tissue, or tooth fillings.
*sleeping much better than before, better appetite too. Now that my blood test is established...I'm going back on some herbs to help clear out the toxin and to stiffen up my immune system too. Will see how that goes with my next blood test in May.

The above Blood Test stands on it's own merits and needs no further proof as far as I'm concerned, simply because I've "NEVER" seen such a Normal reading with any of my blood-test over the past year, as I have with the ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON. And in such a short period of time too.

---It's the REAL DEAL VIRAL KILLER ~ No doubt about it---


I cured my HEP C

Um, If you think that is nuts or too good to be true trust me your not the only one, I went to the testing facility To get TESTED FOR HEP C and the doctor said that "In 25 years of being in this profession, I have NEVER seen a Hep C case come back positive then go NEGATIVE By Itself" I CAME BACK POSITIVE FOR ANTIBODIES BUT NEGATIVE FOR THE VIRUS, SO Dr Henry does know what he is talking about with the HIV/AIDS Testing PROBLEMS> I have helped a lot of people and they all are happier once they have been given this... GREAT JOB Dr Henry!


Hepatitis B gone!!!

"Hello Dr Henry,
Attached please find my Hepatitis B lab test report. My friend and I have started drinking ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON capsules for a week with 15 drops then go to Lab test. Two weeks later report come back with negative result. 75% South East Asian Chinese who come to U.S. has Hepatitis B and doctors have no sure solution to cure it. But my Friend Tim & I drink ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON 15 drops for a week then our 20 years Hepatitis B are clean.
I myself learn about ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON since last year. I download all the books, also translate them into Chinese and share with many friends & relative. I also help a Korean lady who got stage 4 colon cancer. Doctor said she has only 6 months to live, but after she follow my suggestion on taking ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON she still living after 18 months. I also help 3 HIV / AIDS friend by taking ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON and they can eliminate 3 very expensive drugs.
Raymond, Hong Kong"


Hep C

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Hep C. I used ANPATHADON AND ANVIRADON for a little over a month and my readings are now fine. As an added benefit, my lungs became clear, multiple skin conditions and additional virus' are gone, brown teeth turned white and white hair turned brown.

God Bless You, Dr Henry

Stomach ulcers

A few months ago I had to go into hospital because I was very fatigued and could hardly walk anywhere without being out of breath. I knew something was wrong but not sure what the problem was.Also my pulse was getting rapid.I was experiencing palpitations and the pulse was around 98 after sleeping.I started to take your medicine a few weeks before but I did not feel that much better .

I had diarrhea felt sick so I knew it was doing some good but i I did not feel the benefit Anyway I became very faint at work and they sent me to the A/E .They found out I was severely anaemic with a blood count of 5.4.I received 3 bags of blood over 2 days and I felt great.Later they gave me a gastroscopy .(This is when you have a small camera down your throat and it looks into your stomach. Very unpleasant !)They told me I had a large Hiatus Hernia and ulcers that had healed up.I am convinced that your medicine had done this but I still needed to replenish my bood as I was probably bleeding inside without knowing it for some time.May I add I must have got the Hiatus hernia through a head on collision from a car that came over my side of the road.At the time I felt something tear but the doctors did not appear to be particularly interested.Even when I had this recent problem they would not commit themselves it could have been caused by this accident I had a few years ago.The last time I had a check up my bood count was 12 which is very good.I hope you will find this experience a help and I have actual proof that I had ulcers and they healed.


incredible energy, like never before since taking Anpathadon.

My husband and I have been taking Anpathadon for just over a week. We have tried all sorts of things for our health before, but this product has been the best so far. We started off with 2 drops then added water. Almost straight away we felt something. It almost felt like we were "out of it". We could feel it moving around the body with obvious sensations.

By that evening after having another 2 doses, our eyes felt like they were really wide open. Each day we have been increasing our dose. I got to 5 doses but then felt extremely nauseous and dizzy. So I cut back on the amount. We continue to take it and I am slowly increasing the doseage. We have incredible energy, like never before since taking this product. My head experiences large moments of clarity instead of the foggy mist it normally feels like.

I am very excited about it. My friend who had a sore tooth for quite awhile now, swirled it around in her mouth and straight away the pain went.

I have seen this compound eradicate.

Good morning Dr Henry. I have studied alternative medicine for decades in an effort to "beat the system" with regards to the high price of health care. I have tried many remedies for many things over the years in my attempt to find what really works and what is simply hype and overexageration. Within the last 12 months I have discovered a compound that is absolutely fascinating although not very pleasant to the taste. I had a tumor on my vocal chords and this resulted in a cancer scare.

I was on the alternative cancer cure studies day and night and happened across a compound that consisted of your product. I studied the compound for 5 weeks night and day and studied it both inside and outside of alternative medicine. I ingested all of the data that I could find on the subject and ended up making a purchase of the product. I have tested the compound and found it to erradicate any type of harmful microbe that may be living in the human system. I have seen this compound eradicate swine flu, herpes, and chlamydia just to name a few microbes.

I have run lots of field tests on it to verify its effectiveness and have not seen it fail once. I believe this compound should be in everyones pantry who wants to have an alternative anti-microbial agent. I've seen this stuff erradicate MRSA in one day. It's estimated that it is roughly 100 times stronger than any antibiotic that we have now. It's no joke though and should be taken after being studied with due diligence."



I had a longstanding case of epididymitis and prostatitis for almost three years, that I suspect came from a case of Chlamydia that I contracted years ago and never fully got rid of. It got to the point where I had a constant pain in my left side (where my testicles meet my leg) and my left testicle was extremely sensitive all the time.

A urologist gave me a course of doxycycline (back when I still trusted doctors) which seemed to bring the pain under control, but a month or so after I stopped the antibiotics the pain crept back and became as bad as ever. After giving up on doctors, I began to try alternative remedies, the first one being colloidal silver (a common brand sold at Vitamin Shoppe). To my great joy I immediately began to notice a decrease in pain from taking 5-7 tablespoons of colloidal silver a day. After a couple of weeks taking colloidal silver the epididymitis and prostatitis was 80-90% gone. I figured that was as cured as I was going to get, and I was happy with the lack of pain, so I stopped the silver.

After the silver I began taking anpathadon for other lingering health problems I had. I began with 5 drops of anpathadon twice a day on an empty stomach. After one day I noticed my urine was suddenly cloudy with white blood cells. This told me that my body was fighting something in my urinary tract area. At the same time, I noticed that my epididymitis/prostate pain had disappeared--and I mean 100% GONE, almost overnight. What this told me was that the anpathadon had basically kicked the living heck out of whatever bacteria/parasite was causing my crotch pain. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

After less than a week on anpathadon, when I reached 9 drops three time a day, I started to notice something else--I was passing WORMS with my bowel movements. Needless to say, I was simultaneously disgusted and happy that the anpathadon was killing these parasites and that they were now leaving my body. I will continue taking the anpathadon and increasing the drops until I feel that I am free of these disgusting parasites.

Finally, I would like to add a note to readers not trust any so called "quackwatch" or other sites calling anpathadon poison or a scam. I gave anpathadon a chance because I felt I was at the end of my rope with a laundry list of health problems that seemingly nothing would cure, and so far anpathadon has surpassed all expectations with no side effects except for a couple of instances of mild nausea (which I suspect was the worms being killed by the anpathadon). Why are there so many (dishonest) people who don't want to see others get well??"


ANPATHADON - personal stories

My son (35 y.o.) has suffered with debilitating prostatitis for 15 years, and since taking Anpahadon (as per protocol) for 10 days has declared himself cured! He has been on the strongest antibiotics for most of that time, which of course has had lots of side effects.

His daughter (3 y.o.) developed a severe throat infection and he said "it's one thing to take Anpahadon yourself, but another thing to give it to a child". However, after careful consideration he and his wife decided to give it to her. She took 1 drop, 2 drops, 3 drops and after the 4 drop dose on day 2, she started playing and felt fine. Normally such a situation would require antibiotics and bed rest for at least 7 days.

My son's friend (55 y.o.) has had an elevated PSA count for the last 12 months to the point where prostate cancer surgery was planned. He started taking Anpahadon and after 10 days his PSA count had returned to within normal limits. His doctor was so amazed, he said "we have never seen this happen before" and demanded to know what he had been taking. He also suffers with an hereditary cancerous bowel condition, requiring very regular colonoscopies for diathermy of cancerous polyps. He had a colonoscopy after 2 weeks of Anpahadon and the doctor declared his bowel to be "clean" and not needing to see him again for 2 years.

My partner has metastatic melanoma Stage IV with secondaries in lungs, liver, bones, chest wall and groin lymph nodes and began on Anpahadon about 4 weeks ago. So far no discernable improvement, but we are ever hopeful and I will report his results as time goes on. We understand there is no simple test to undertake to determine if the Anpahadon is actually working on him or not, but he says, "where there's life there's hope".

I would encourage everyone on these forums to keep posting their findings. And I say, What a miracle!!!!!



#1. Genital Herpes. In September 2011, while traveling the world, I discovered that I was infected with HSV-2. To say I was horrified is easily an understatement. I simply could not believe I was in this position. I probably went through every emotion ranging from denial, to anger, to sadness, etc. The one emotion that I refused to allow into my thoughts was that of acceptance. The one thing that kept me going was the belief that I would be able to overcome this disease as I have overcome many other trials throughout my life. At that point I set out on a mission to overcome this horrible disease which left me feeling isolated and tainted. After a short while I simply felt unworthy of companionship and conducted my life in a manner that allowed me to keep my distance from others and especially women.

Over the course of 2 years, I stayed focused and tried just about everything ranging from Resolve Herpes, the Underground Cure, Oregano Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, and numerous other home remedies I came across. I committed fully to each of these treatments but none of them worked and some of them were quite expensive.

I was experiencing outbreaks every 3 months no matter what I tried. I had just about reached the point of giving up. I did not see a way out of this day to day nightmare that had left me depressed, anti-social, and lonely. As a last and final came into contact with Dr Henry and his ability to help so many people. I began to question if the manner in which I had taken it was correct and if I had really given it enough time to do its job.
I figured I had nothing to lose at this point. I had already hit rock bottom and felt that there was nowhere to go but up.

I sent an email to Dr Henry and he responded to me quickly with both encouraging words and sound science. He was actually the first person I had ever shared this with. He was very kind and told me that he could help. After a few short minutes on a Skype call, I had no doubt that he genuinely wanted to help and also had the ability to do so.

I arrived to his country and was greeted at the airport by himself. The next morning my path to restored health had begun. I had made arrangements to stay at total of 30 days which would prove necessary if I was to kick this stubborn virus from my body.

He was with me every step of the way and helped me push forward with my treatment which was easy and painless. The protocol he taught me was completely different from what I had tried previously and was MUCH more effective. He also taught me more about proper nutrition and provided me with raw foods to help me strengthen my immune system. My time with him was both comfortable, enjoyable, and was a very necessary break from what I was dealing with. For the first time in years, I felt like I was on the right path.

Since leaving him some time back, I am happy to report I have been COMPLETELY symptom free for the first time in nearly 3 years. Not only that, but I have also tested negative for HSV-2 on two separate occasions. A year ago, I could have never imagined being in the position to write this testimony. I feel blessed to have found the Dr Henry and be able to share my experience with others who may be going through the same thing.

I finally feel like I have my life back. Herpes took a huge toll on me emotionally and that is something that I am still coming back from but I could not be happier or more grateful for what he did for me.

Herpes is a horrible disease that I would not wish on anyone. It may not be life threatening but the impact it has ones inner self worth is devastating. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend those suffering from Herpes to visit Dr Henry and together with his help, overcome this horrible disease. Thank you Dr Henry for what you do on a day to day basis to help others. It is truly something special and a kindness that I will never forget.


#2. No More Herpes: I suffered from herpes all my life, but with help from the underground cure (6 week protocol) I was able to cure my herpes with an Alkaline Diet and anpathadon protocol. It is better if you do a liver cleanse before starting on anpathadon and a colon cleanse after the protocol. I went all the way to 7 drops 4 times a day for almost a month, of course you should start with a low dosage ( 1 or 2 drops) for the first 5 days the work your way up. I got rid of my herpes and eczema (and probably many other things) Oxygen therapy cures all anaerobic viruses ! I want to thank Dr henry and Jesus Christ my lord a savior for curing me through anpathadon.


#3. After years without an outbreak, I woke up with the telltale itch. At first I thought it was a spider bite on my butt. It didn't take long to figure out I was having a genital herpes outbreak. First I took out the pharmaceutical cream I had stowed away, applied it and low and behold here come two more lesions popping out. I kept putting the cream on hoping that would help since my last outbreak I tried everything from tea tree oil, oregano oil, bentonite clay etc. and it lasted for weeks. Well this all started on a Tuesday morning, by Wednesday morning herpes # 4 & 5 were appearing then I remembered anpathadon that was hidden way back on the shelf. I just did 6 drops and 1/4 tsp apple cider vinegar with some water and slammed it. Thursday morning Herpes #1 was dried up. #'s 2&3 were red marks and 4&5 were gone. I AM BACK! FULL TILT!! I will preach. I will take the test. I will continue to fight for health FREEDOM. I am writing to my congressmen and to my political party (Libertarian) to let them know what is going on with this ludicrous FDA lawsuit against these Health Freedom Warriors! STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN... EVEN IF YOU ARE STANDING ALONE! Peace begins with me. One other note, God Bless You Dr Henry! When your time comes; you sure have earned yourself a high place up there in heaven! Thank you!


#4. It has been a long one year and six month to finally see a test result that is negative. Happy isn’t the word getting my life back is a blessing. For anyone who do not believe in the 7 day protocol, they really don’t want their life back. These doctors are here to make money off of us. They are practicing medicine they are not trying to cure it. If anyone has an ounce of common sense they would save every penny to get this 7 day protocol kit. I’m helping everyone I met on the dating site (which is not a good site by the way) to help them heal there body from the herpes virus. A lot of people have to see you go through it in order to try it. I will like to THANKS 2 Dr Henry. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Thanks Dr Henry for answering every single messages I sent u. You are here to help us make the best decision of your life and get the life back.?


#5. About 6 months ago I was searching for some kind of relief/cure for genital herpes for my wife and myself. I have been suffering from herpes outbreaks for 18 years and gave my wife the gift that keeps on giving last year and she has been miserable with almost nonstop outbreaks:( It sure has taken its toll on our sex life. We both bought anpathadon and started with morning and night applications, starting with 1 drop and working our way up to 15 drops, each day adding another drop.

When we went to 13-15 drops it was way too hard (diarrhea, abdominal cramping, loss of energy, and for me hot flashes, crazy sweating all the time). We backed down to 10 drops in the morning and 10 at night for a month straight. I admit we did miss a couple here and there but we are persistent. Honestly, we stopped after that because I got tired of the hot flashes and low energy. After stopping, all our symptoms mentioned above returned to normal.

Now from the info it is recommended you take 15 drops twice a day for a month the herpes virus is close to the surface of the skin and you need to reach the point of saturation. Bottom line is I am cured, my wife still continues to get outbreaks and we are beginning another month and a half long treatment. It has been close to 5 months and I have not had one outbreak, which is a huge breakthrough. It is worth all the weird side effects to be free of that ugly beast called herpes.


#6. "A little update on the herpes2. well after the 3 or 4 days of the tingling feeling and the sensations of a sore that never came out, i am happy to report that not only was there no breakout but now, for me, as my husband, the tingling and any sensation has stopped also...??...looks like the herpes was not allowed to do its thing with us this time! thanks to anpathadon.??before anpathadon, on the average, I had a hsv2 breakout about 2x a month --- sometimes 1---sometimes 3?--- but I have always, like clockwork, had a breakout during my period or right after, so it will be interesting to see what happens in 2 or so weeks when my menses comes.??I upped my dose from 5 drops 2x a day to 5 drops 3x a day rather than increasing the # of drops-- b/c I still get a little nauseas with 6 drops or over ---but I seem to be fine with 5drops 3x a day the last two days.??I also wanted to mention that I feel a bit more clear in my head (brain fog for years)and I have less headaches. much of the stiffness and aches(especially in my neck and legs) have vanished since being on anpathadon. also, in the mornings I used to feel like I was hit by a truck when I woke up ---but now I feel like I was only hit by a bike. It’s pretty amazing that all this happened only since Jan 1st 2008 --- that much occurred for me in about a two week time frame! I used almost every type of holistic/natural/alternative health kick out there for over 15 years, and never have I had a shift like this in such a short period of time! ...and all for 250 bucks! --- I have spent thousands and thousands.??I have never felt this impressed with a supplement in all my 15 years of being on this path!??not to say that much of what I have done did not help me a lot...it really did! but not so OBVIOUSLY and QUICKLY as anpathadon! I also know I have a long way to go still and I have to continue with many of the things i have been using (green superfoods,vit/mineral supps./ herbs, probiotics, healthy foods/etc. etc.).??I really want to thank Dr Henry. He is making me a better mother for my children.. I hope he knows how many he has touched!?? Well thanks for listening.

#7. Every now and then when I slept badly or was in a weak condition, I used to get SHINGLES.?Terrible spot the size of making a circle between my thumb and index finger covered in blisters and with a terrible pain For weeks on end I would suffer from the burning sensation. Now my mother gave me 4 drops of activated anpathadon every hour for 6 times the first day. Then I became nauseous and cut back to 1 drop every hour the second day.?But then the third day the SHINGLE-spot was dried up already!!!! I am elated.?Now I use his protocol to attack the rest of my diseases. Praise God. I am so happy. It truly is a miracle mineral provided by the Lord. Angelie

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