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Healing therapy of a severely wounded chicken


Here is a case with a chicken somehow flew over a fence and got into a fenced area with puppies/dogs. All puppies automatically think chickens are toys to play with, and they managed to trap this chicken into a corner and really tear into it.

By the time they had eaten all the feathers off the chicken's back and had eaten part of the chicken's hip meat. They chewed through the skin, through the meat and got into the chicken's bone. The chicken was bleeding badly. See the photos of the damage:

When we rescued the chicken, it was bleeding profusely. We knew we had to stop the bleeding or this chicken would die in minutes.

So we grabbed a chinese powder. It's an ancient Chinese Medicine recipe that stops bleeding almost immediately. We opened the powder and immediately began to apply it to the chicken's open wounds.

Next, we knew we needed to apply a natural antibiotic to the wounds that would seal out bacteria and promote healing. So we applied our anti pathogen product.

At this point, the chicken looked like this:

From there, we isolated the chicken into a "healing nursery" away from other chickens and animals. For a period of about 3 weeks, we kept it there, feeding it organic chicken feed and fresh herbs which include oregano, thyme, peppermint and a few others.

Anti pathogene spray every day.

Each day, we sprayed the wounds with the anti pathogen product. This works as a topical protective layer that helps prevent surface infections on the chicken.

The chicken was very traumatized at first and didn't move much for a couple of days. After about 5 days, it started walking again, and after about 7 days, it began to grow back feathers.

We continued with the daily spraying of the anti pathogen product. There was no more need for the chinese powder. We just kept nourishing the chicken with quality food and clean water, spraying it each day.

After about another two weeks, the giant scab on its back came off. Most of the feathers had grown back:

A week later, we were able to return the chicken to the open pasture where she could free-range with other chickens.

And here's a photo we recently took, showing her walking and socializing with the other chickens without any problems at all!

You can even see from this angle that she's got full feather recovery. Yes, there's a lot of scar tissue under those feathers, but for a chicken that was being eaten alive, this is a remarkable recovery:

Natural medicine saves lives, even in situations of severe trauma.

As you can see from this story, natural medicine can save lives even in severe trauma situations. This natural medicine stopped the bleeding, prevented infections and supported rapid healing to save this chicken's life.

Does this mean you should never go to the emergency room if you suffer a severe wound? No, of course not. Go to the emergency room if you need to. Western doctors are really good at saving lives following severe biological trauma. If you lose a hand in a machinery accident, you need a surgeon and immediate urgent care.

But in situations where there is no doctor, no emergency room and no urgent care, you need to know just how powerful natural medicine can be at saving lives.

You may find yourself in a situation in the future where hospitals are overrun following some catastrophe or pandemic outbreak. You might need urgent medical care following some act of war or terrorism. You can't count on always being able to waltz into an emergency room and get immediate care, especially when hospitals are already turning patients away and running out of critical supplies like antibiotics.

For all sorts of situations, it's important to know how natural medicine can help stop infections, speed healing and save lives. That's why we shared this story from our own garden, to show you how natural medicine can be used very effectively in a life-or-death emergency involving not just animals but also people.

For example, if a neighbor suffered a severe wound on their farm and was bleeding profusely, I would do three things: 1) Immediately apply a tourniquet to their arm to try to stop the bleeding. 2) Immediately apply the chinese powder (Yunna Baiyao powder) to the wound to further stop the bleeding. 3) Rush the person to the nearest emergency room for urgent medical care. Each of the three steps plays a crucial role in saving their life and preventing a "bleed out."


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