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Ebola Defeated In Sierra Leone by Anpathadon and Hypothodon

Ebola survivors can face stigma in their communities and may also have lost loved ones to the disease. Even as they physically recover, their mental health may suffer. The story of this success is given from a priest on the pages below with all the pictures.

Ebola Survivors from a Church in a small rented facility are shown below. The priest treating the Ebola patients in Sierra Leone has asked me not to give his name at this time for security reasons. I apologize for not having a fancy clinic and lots of volunteers, but I have only one priest who is doing the job and he has done fantastic.

Some of the Ebola survivors

The priest prepares Anpathadon dose for Ebola.

The priest prepares Anpathadon dose

Making capsules as needed using Hypothodon

Volunteer makes Hypothodon capsules

Waiting for Second blood test

Waiting to be discharged

If we have private isolation treatment center we will be developing full time documentary programs so that everyone can see that Anviradon and Hypothodon are doing the job. I am committed.

Volunteers in Sierra Leone are actively educating community to report early if they detect any of the signs and symptoms of Ebola.

How long can Ebola virus survive outside the body? The virus can survive for hours or days, depending on the environmental conditions. The Public Health Agency of Canada Pathogen Safety Data Sheet states that the risk of transmission via "fomites" (objects that are contaminated with germs) is low when recommended cleaning with bleach is undertaken.

How do you know if someone has recovered from Ebola? What else is it important for recovered individuals to know? People are infectious - that is, they can spread the disease - as long as the virus is still in their blood and secretions. Ebola patients are closely monitored as their symptoms subside and given blood tests to see if the virus is still in their blood before they are discharged from our facility.

Once someone recovers from Ebola, they can no longer spread the virus except via their semen or, possibly, breast milk. Ebola virus has been found in the semen of previously-infected men for several weeks after recovery. Men should abstain from sexual activity, or use condoms, for three months after recovering from Ebola. Breast milk can also spread the virus, and mothers actively ill with Ebola have been advised not to feed their babies breast milk. They should seek medical advice about whether, and when, they can resume breastfeeding after recovery.

THE STORY: We were interested in treating Malaria and various other diseases. The priest there had the Church Registered with the Government of Sierra Leone. Once it was registered and the priest was trained by me over the internet he began treating the local villagers near Freetown for various diseases including malaria. He was very successful and many villagers came. The only problem was, of course, a lack of money and thus the number of villagers treated was not in the thousands, but rather in the hundreds.

And then Ebola broke out. The priest had friends in Government on lower levels and he was able to get permission to go out to the special government Ebola clinic. But when he got there the doctors would not talk to him about Anpathadon and Hypothodon, and of course, wouldnít consider allowing him to treat an Ebola case. So he wasnít able to treat any Ebola cases immediately.

But because he had friends in the government he was told since he was registered as a priest if he would get a facility and put the church name on it that they, the government, would lend him a technician and some of the white Ebola protection suits. Well it was a couple of months before everything got set up. At first they wanted him to set up a tent facility with 20 beds. Well, he just didnít have the money to put up a tent facility so they finally said it would be OK if he rented a school room. All the schools were and are now closed down. But it was sort of like part of our friends wanted us to do it but we were not sure who didnít want us to try. We didnít know who all were against our products but some were and we didnít want to be stopped before we got started.

Finally, just several weeks ago, the priest was able to start treating Ebola cases. He used the money to hire an ambulance to go pick the cases up and bring them to the school room as you see in the pictures above. But as you can probably guess he has again out of money. We had 21 cases cured so far, but we were out of money for the ambulances and for the blood test.

I hope you understand that the importance is that if we donít prove that something cures Ebola the WHO (World Health Organization) and various governments are going to want to vaccinate the world, or at least millions in the Ebola areas. That would be a disaster.

At this time there are some others starting to claim to cure Ebola, some claim to be using ozonized ice water. But they are all working underground without the governmentís knowledge and none have had before and after blood tests to prove their claims. We are the only ones that are a church, and have papers showing we are registered legally. And the priest is using our products to help locals recover their health. And that is legal. AND WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WITH BEFORE AND AFTER BLOOD FOR EBOLA PATIENTS THAT HAVE BEEN CURED. We can do it because we have the priest and the church. Of course they could shut us down, but not because we are doing anything illegal.

It appears that the oxidizer type of solution does kill Ebola and regardless of how hard they try to prevent anything that is not approved by the FDA from being used, it will finally win out as there are billions of people on this earth who donít want to be sick. There in Sierra Leone Anpathadon and Hypothodon and hopefully other oxidative solutions will win out on Ebola.

The priest in Sierra Leone goes out to villages every day and gives out Hypothodon in capsules for people to take for prevention. But even that will have to stop if we do not receive financial help. We have cured Ebola with both Anpathadon and Hypothodon so if Hypothodon will cure it, no doubt it can prevent it. Of course, the scientific medical way would be to take a couple months out for testing to prove it, but we have been curing diseases with Anpathadon and Hypothodon for several years now. Those dying and about to die do not have 2 months. Anpathadon and Hypothodon have proven in hundreds of thousands of cases to have no side effects.


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